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Thread: Rush delivery on credit cards?

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    Rush delivery on credit cards?

    Does anybody know if it is possible to get rush, or expedited shipping on Discover or American Express cards? If so, how can I go about doing that? Thanks!

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    They do have rush delivery on replacement or stolen cards if you choose that option. If your waiting for your first or original card what is the hurry. If a few days is going to matter to you then you don't need a credit card. You can call the credit card companies on their 1-800 lines to get the answers directly from them.

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    american express and discover cards give you instant decision when you apply online. If you have good credit, you'll get approved instantly. Once you are approved, u can call them to overnight it to you. They may do it for a fee or nothing at all.

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    It might be possible. You should just call them up. I know that many of the bad credit cards (like Orchard or Plains Commerce) send them overnight, but I am not sure about the top issuers like Amex.

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    call them and ask

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    Order over the phone and pay next day shipping and handling.

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