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Thread: which cell phone company has the lowest security deposit for people with bad credit?

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    which cell phone company has the lowest security deposit for people with bad credit?

    I know that sprint wanted $600 and Verison wanted $1000 I'm trying to clean up my credit but I need a cell phone (not cricket phones because I drive to alot of places cricket has no coverage)
    I tried sprint but they wanted $600 and verison wanted $1000 that was two years ago I hope their prices have changed......

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    Tmobile seems to be good about this. They will start you off with a limited spending account. give it a shot.

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    I have HORRID credit, and I didn't have to pay a dime for deposit.
    I DID have to sign a two year contract though. Almost as bad lol.

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    Verizon either wants $175 or $400. I would like to know who told you $1000. If it was anytime in the last year; you were lied too.

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    There are other compaines out there beyond the BIG name brand wireless providers that are trying to help those of us with bad or poor credit scores. these compaines have plans that fill the void between the big name carriers TMOBILE, VERIZON, SPRINT etc... and PREPAID phone service.

    They can start service for you with No Credit Checks, No Deposits and No Contracts

    You may want to check out "AD". you can get to their website from most any search engine google, msn, yahoo etc...(I would put in their wed address but i'm not sure if that is allowed here)

    just type their name in the search field from your favorite search engine with quotes " " around the name and that should take you to their site.

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