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Thread: Need a legitimate bad credit personal loan. Please help!?

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    Need a legitimate bad credit personal loan. Please help!?

    Hello everyone. I know you've seen this question or variations of it on the net, but please bear with me. I ran into a financial bump so to speak and am in need of $5,000. I've been going through a nasty divorce for the past year now and because my ex husband ran up more than $40,000 on my credit cards - My credit suffers. I have poor credit - but have a full time job and a new car paid off ( with the help of family - but family could only do so much ). I need the money for bills and more attorneys fees. I've googled my eyes out, but alot of these companies look like scams. If anyone can suggest a legitimate lender ( besides Prosper ) I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Loans for bad credit is not impossible today. You just go to the place. Check this resource:
    It has a list of lenders that gives loans to people with bad credit history.

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    "SCAM ALERT" BEWARE OF THE ADVANCE FEE SCAM ! NEVER send $ up front to NIGERIA,UK,CANADA,ANY foreign country in hopes of getting a loan. You won't,You will get 100% guaranted scammed if you do. Go to and for more on internet $ scams. Don't be a victim of these internet $ scams. "BEWARE,BEWARE,BEWARE" !!

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    There are plenty of places that offer quick loans for people with bad credit with no-hassle applications and easy requirements.

    Some of these lenders even offer 1 minute approvals, and have both secured and unsecured loans, depending on your need and situation. Check the page listed below, it has information and bad credit lenders listed off and on.

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    Bad credit personal loans normally carry a higher rate of interest. This is because of the higher risk potential in such loans. One may also be overcharged on this account. The borrowers are asked to pay a hefty charge and have to face some inflexible terms of payment. Nevertheless, there are lenders who charge reasonably lower rates of interest<!--Taking a loan is not a trivial matter. It puts an important asset to stake. It also affects the financial condition of the borrower. This makes a proper search for the loan a priority. Gone are the days when searching the loan market would have raised hackles of people. Today searching has become much simpler, thanks to the power of information technology. You may get a personal loan here,

    The selection of the most appropriate lender is not that easy a task. Though made simpler through information technology, ones mental faculties are the best resort in the selection process. Lenders generally promise many features along with the loan. Borrowers take this bait and fall in the trap. Failing to maintain an optimum balance between an immediate-->comfort and a future comfort also leads to this trap. Deciding the monthly repayments and the number of installments further strain your mental faculties. An expert advice from knowledgeable people will help in this decision. Being aware of ones financial condition, the borrower can decide the various details of the loan in a much better manner. Thus, the final decision is reserved with the borrower himself.

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