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Thread: One more bad credit please loan me money---?

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    Billie H
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    One more bad credit please loan me money---?

    I'm on this site about once every week or so. I see all these people posting questions about how/where to get a loan when they have bad credit. Do they ever consider that they don't handle credit well (hence the poor score) and should not seek additional debt obligations?

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    they should, but its HARD.. My credits shot and my husbands is ok nothing great, when people offer you "money" it feels good. But last night we recieved a CC in mail, and for the first time we cut it up and tossed it.. It felt much better cutting it up and saying NO , than spending it..

    The other thing that has always made me laugh is around tax time you see the commercials "Bring your tax refund in for furniture" umm if you need your tax refund to buy furniture maybe, just maybe you should start a savings plan.. just a thought lol

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    It's called "addiction" or compulsive behavior disorder.

    It's no different that someone who doesn't handle alcohol well, but keeps being busted for drunk driving.

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    Ok, the last few website links that were included in posts are from payday loans and these you have to stay away from! There is no such thing as a 'bad credit loan' - if you have bad credit, getting a loan is something that you DON'T need, that's even more money you have to put out and you're in debt longer than before. Pay your bills on time, seek credit counseling if you need to and don't try to live above your means.

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